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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bringing passion back to your relationship

Passion is what makes our relationships great. It gives us intimacy and friendship in all aspects of life. Passion is the reason you see people smiling from ear to ear. However, in almost every relationship passion can fade away. Leaving relationships lacking and opening up new doors for many new problems.

First, I want to make sure that you understand that all of what is about to follow is on a continuum. In other words, I am going to mention both sides of the continuum. But there is lots of space in the middle. Say you have 0 to 10. I will give you the 0 and the 10, but you know where exactly you lie. The 0 to 5 ranges you are probably in a good relationship, the 5 to 10 range means there could be some work done. And so forth

Before we begin with methods to bring the passion back. You need to take a minute and make sure you are not attempting to save a sinking ship. There is a difference between a good working relationship with some newfound dullness or loss of passion. And a relationship that just does not work anymore (or never did). And in you hearts you all know the difference and know which relationship you are in. Trust yourself and think about you! There is a time when you just have to abandon the ship. I won't go into details, on which is which because it's a case-by-case, heart-by-heart feeling most of the time. If you want more info or help than feel free to send me an email.

There are three specific categories that the loss of passion can fall into. However the one over all thing that is needed is communication. And amazingly the thing most couples lack. You both might be filling the same way, but if you won't talk about it then you just sit there and let it eat you up inside. Now, there is the off chance that you feel the loss of spice and your partner does not. More than likely this is going to be the male, it is scientifically proven that males will not pick up on problems as quickly as females will. So proceed with caution when bringing the subject up. However, normally addressing the issue is the best way to get it resolved quickly and efficiently. When you tiptoe around the problem or the feeling then you will only make things worse. It really is great to watch when couples I have worked with open up the communication line and see how much easier things are. It is like the light bulb just went offwhat we talk to each other and that helps? This goes for any issue in life. Unless, you are crazy like myself and like to beat the nail repeatedly.

on the head. So just make sure the issue is a real one and not in your head(ladies).

Now, lets divide it down into the three categories of passion: sex, love, and friendship.

We will start with the friendship category or also known as talking passion. After all a relationship needs to be a friendship. At the beginning of most relationships, you notice that you love to spend lots of time together and talk about everything. After awhile you think the conversation is boring and are starting wonder if you two even have anything in common. (remember the abandon ship rule) However sometimes you can talk yourself into boredom. In other words you two talked so much in the beginning you cant think of anything new except the boring, "How was your day?" In your mind you have completely gone through the past, and now have the present and the future. And future talk is not always the way to go.

So you realize you are in a friendship passion rut. There are a few ways to make progress. For starters work on the communication skills in the relationship. Make sure you two can talk about anything. From there start trying new topics to discuss. Get interested in what your partner likes. If they are into sports or the opera then do some research and surprise them. Or even better the two of you can try new things together. Watch a new show, take a cooking class, join a sports team, etc. Find something you both want to try or find a compromise and both pick something. This can bring a new light to the relationships. Make sure you don't force conversation though, quiet time is good, being pushy can only lead to more problems. Just make sure you know what is going on in their life. More than just how their day was. Do they have a hard professor? Strict Boss? Etc. What about goals or complicated tasks? You would be amazed how something small can start a big spark for another conversation. Once the conversation flows back into the relationship, you will feel a sense of relaxation which will help build the communication and intimacy in the love relationship.

The intimacy factor leads us to the sexual passion that takes place in the relationship. The want and need to be all over one another all through out the day. But does it seem like now if you get into bed at the same time that you feel compelled to have sex. And it is just sex. No passion, no mind-blowing orgasms for either party. It becomes a job instead of a want. Now, you have the lack of passion in the bedroom.

First, thing is to open up the lines of communication (it really is key). It might be a touchy subject, but showing up in black leather and a whip could end up scaring your partner away. So TALK about it! Ask questions. Never place blame in this situation. "You suck in bed!" Won't help resolve anything. Realize it's an equal relationship. Of course there are those cases where things are not equal. Still that does not make you perfect; so do not throw that in their face. Ask your partner what they might like to try. Say things you might want to try. Explain that maybe it is time you two were more adventurous. Ease the topic slowly. Maybe make a nice romantic sexual dinner or give them a sensual massage or soak in the warm tub naked together. These make the topic come to life and make the conversation easier to bring up. Then while watching TV. Or there is always the right before you go to bedtime to talk.

So, now you have opened the lines of communication and have come to terms with the idea for passion in your sexual relationship. What might be some good ways to make sure you are making great progress? Easy think like you did when you first got started on this relationship journey. Throw out the ugly undies and get some pretty ones. This implies for both parties. Men your holey boxers are not a pleasant sight for us ladies! Taking a romantic weekend get-a-way is something that can help bring the sexual passion back. Being out of the ordinary situation can help. This does not have to be super expensive. Go camping or go to a local hotel, the idea is to just get away and turn off the cell phones and concentrate on each other. A few other ideas would be to go to a sex shop together, this can always get the mind thinking. Leave each other naughty little notes or send text messages during the day. Let your partner know they are thought about and wanted while you are away from each other and when you meet up again, the anticipation for each other will take over.

Finally, the third and final category is love passion. The most important and is really just a combination of the other two just at a greater depth. My best way to describe this is the look and someone's eye when they love each other. Just how a person looks at each other is full of passion. Love passion is all about going to no end to make your partner happy and to truly give them all of you. Some great examples are Johnny Cash and June Carter, if you ever see old video of them interacting with another the love between the two of them is so strong it could knock you over. This is the kind of passion all relationships needs.

Now, in the beginning of a relationship it can appear this passion is there, but normally it is just lust disguised so be careful and know the difference. If this passion is gone in the relationship then that means you have lost the friendship and sexual passion. The first thing to do to get this back is communication.

Communication will be the only thing that will help bring this passion back. There is a deep-rooted problem and it needs to be talked out. Couples counseling can sometimes help in this area. Once you get the communication fixed just follow the ideas for friendship and sexual passion and things will come around; as long as the relationship is meant to be saved.

With these simple ideas you can bring the passion back in no time!

Monday, December 13, 2010

The Difference Between Passion and True Love

Passion is a state of being and true love is a state of living. Let me explain. Passion is temporary it is a condition of euphoria that we all (sometimes) wish would last forever. The problem with that state of euphoria is that we would never accomplish much of anything else. We would be distracted...you know what I mean.

The initial sate of passion for a new couple is going to last for weeks to months. During that time it seems that nothing else matters and the other person is just absolutely perfect. Even if they aren't perfect, you just don't care. You'll spend as much time, money and effort as it takes to make them and yourself happy. This is actually due to chemical changes in the brain with the release of feel-good endorphins. Endorphins are responsible for most of the feelings and decisions that you make at this time. Your mind is on drugs - endorphins and other hormones. The problems start later when the period of passion starts to wane and the hormone levels drop as they inevitably will. This temporary nature is why we say passion is a state of being. The good news is that it's not good forever but the bad news is that it only comes back for short periods like those romantic evenings and weekends.

True love is a state of living because, although those passionate beginnings and passionate rendezvous can be an important part of love, true love persists for every moment of your life. It is a state of living. You can become angry and disagree over a problem yet know that your partner still loves you and you love them. You will work it out.

True love is far more than romance and passion and is typically characterized by the presence of shared principles, shared values and goals, mutual respect, consistent honesty, kindness, mutual support, good problem solving skills and good communication. None of these things are absolutely necessary for romance and passion.

In addition, true love requires a clear understanding of what each needs and wants to be a fulfilled individual, the desire and ability to help each other achieve their life goals and the ability and willingness to share love with active involvement to keep love fresh and alive.

True love feels good as passion does but that feeling becomes and enduring knowledge and confidence that the loving relationship is a very good thing for the long term for both parties involved.

Passion brings couples together and spices up any good relationship but the fundamental requirements of true love are what make it last for a lifetime. And, yes, true love requires knowledge, work, effort, commitment, understanding and more to succeed.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Introducing intimacy into your relationship

alt="Sex in relationships" title="Introducing sex into relationships"
Every relationship that is built to last needs to have intimacy because it does help to strengthen the bond you and your partner have. It is one of the best ways to let your partner know that you love them and to let them know that you still find them attractive no matter what. Intimacy brings partners together in a different way and it makes them feel deeply connected to them. How can you bring intimacy into your relationship? Here are some great tips that will help you to have intimacy in your relationship:

1. Communication. One of the best ways to have intimacy in a relationship is through communication. How do you talk to each other and do you communicate you love for each other? How many times to do spend up all night talking to one another and sharing your love for one another? As you work on communicating effectively in your relationship, it will bring about a stronger intimate connection with your spouse or partner. Communication also helps you and your partner to know more about one another to the point that you can both anticipate what you both need and want. Communication helps to keep the lines of love open and you won't have as much confusion and frustration in the relationship. Don't attack your partner when you are confused or when you attempt to understand their needs. You need to simply ask them and to have quality communication together that allows you both to know what you want.

2. Intimacy through emotions. When you aren't able to be together physically, intimacy can still occur through your actions. How often do you tell your spouse or loved one that you care for them? Are you sending them love notes, emails, text messages, and just simple reminders of your love and compassion for them? You need to make sure your spouse knows that you are thinking of them even when you aren't near them. This is a wonderful way to strengthen your relationship and to keep the intimacy alive. When you are communicating to one another when you aren't physically together, it makes the feelings of love and desire you have for one another much stronger.

3. Make time for each other. Don't let stress, work, children, and everything else in your life push your spouse to the side. A relationship needs time and devotion to make it stronger and to bring the two of you closer together. Plan to have a date night at least once a week or once a month. Do what you can to make time for your spouse and let them know that you are making time for them and that they are an important part of your life.

4. Be romantic. Intimacy also comes down to bringing the romance back into your passion relationship. Look for ways to show your spouse that you are in love with them. Plan a night to surprise them with a candlelight dinner follow up by dancing or a romantic movie. A bubble bath for two is also romantic and it's a great way to reassure your partner that you are physically attracted to them. Intimacy is a large spectrum of emotions so you also need to remember to put your arm around them, hold their hand, and to do other things that show them how much you care for them and love them.

5. Be consistent. To show your partner intimacy, be consistently there for them and be a symbol of strength in their life. They need to know that they can rely and depend upon you. By always being there for them, you will take away a lot of fears that they might have about being in a relationship.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

How to Make Passionate Love to Your Man and Make Him Want You Forever

romantic night at see
Your man doesn't want rough sex each and every single time you are in the bedroom. Men want things slowed down as well and they want to feel the passion radiate throughout your body. He wants to know that you desire him. He wants to feel special and feel loved. You need to make passionate love to your man and make him love you forever.

Sex is a big thing for men, because it is how they express their love and feelings. Since men don't like to talk about these things, it is much easier for them to actually show it. Plus, he wants you to show love in this way as well because it is much easier for him to understand. Sex is very important and making passionate love to him is even more so.

The woman on top position is very popular in this regard. Being on top and being the one in control is how you show him what you are made of. Being the one who dominates the situations shows him that you aren't afraid to take control and to please him.

When you are on top, there are so many things that you can do to him to make him feel desired. You can dig your nails deep into his chest and show him how into it you really are. He also gets a fine view of your entire body on his so he can see every sensation you get from your bodies meeting. This is one of the sexiest positions that men absolutely love. Make love to him in this way and you will surely blow his mind right out of the water tonight.

You don't have to necessarily be on top to make love to him. While he is on top of you, there are still things that you can do that will blow his mind. Use your hips to grind against him. You don't have to just lie there and take it. You can give him a little stimulation to work with as well. Plus, you can dig those nails deep into his back, whisper and moan into his ear and bring him in closer to you by wrapping your legs around him. The possibilities are endless and each of them still means that you are making love to him and showing him how good he feels.

If you want to make him love and desire for you forever, then you need to make love to him to make not only his body, but his heart feel good too.

Monday, September 13, 2010

How to Make Great Passionate Love

passionate couple
Passion is a deep desire and longing, a strong desire for and enthusiasm surrounding something or someone. Being passionate includes this sense and feeling of being ruled by an all-consuming urge to engage intensely in an activity be it physical, mental or emotional. This discussion will not include passions for such things as art, music, any career or political view; instead we are focusing on utilizing your ability to understand and create passion in your sexual relationship. Where there is passion, most often there is also love.

If you are married you will need to be more creative about when, where, how long you will be intimate. Never stop being friends and lovers, that's the first key. Next, know yourself, your inner most desires and do not be afraid to bring fantasies into your sex life - with the approval of your partner of course. You must first understand yourself and why you have gotten yourself into a boring sexual place. In counseling so many couples over the years I have been told that children tend to put a damper on relationships. I think that's a copout! Don't let the creativity die for heaven's sake! You've seen that program "Are you smarter than a fifth grader" right? Well, put your two heads together and come up with ways to work around children. That's your job, mine here is to teach you how to become the passionate lover you desire to be, and to receive passionate advances and act upon them as well. Passion begins in the mind but it connects every cell and directs physical and emotional reactions where there is love and enthusiasm.

Identifying passion - see how this passionate scene makes you feel:

Just Imagine: Your lover is a distance away but you can't stop thinking of her through the day. You connect in ways you might not even understand, there is a mingling of souls as they say and a deepness to your love.

Your drive home seems too long but your mind and body are already with her, remembering past lovemaking events. The way she walks, her smile, her intellect, her spontanaeity, and sensitive ways; and oh her soft skin great body, the way she responds to you and how she makes you feel sensual. She calls you and says something naughty and you can't wait to get home.

It's been a long day at the office, and you had an exhausting dinner meeting. You come home, your favorite music is playing, the fragrance of candles in the air, the fireplace is on and your lover greets you at the door. She puts her arms around you wearing your favorite parfum, hair a little different showing her neck, and she kisses your lips, it's a warm wet kiss. She is wearing something very seductive, but not too much skin yet showing. She takes your briefcase as you slip off your shoes. She walks upstairs with you and helps you remove your coat, tie, and pants. You freshen up as she tells you she will be downstairs waiting for you. This is different, pleasing and exciting as well.

You come down the stairs and she has removed an article of clothing that creates a reaction. She takes your hand and brings it close to her body allowing a gentle caress but nothing more. She has arranged a comfortable place with a blanket and pillows on the living room floor in front of the fireplace. She hands you your favorite drink. You haven't made love there before. You start to talk but she touches her finger to your lips as if to say shhh, I understand you. She begins to kiss your hand, seductively sucking one of your fingers and your imagination runs wild. Emotions within you stir and impulses are strong. She dips her hands in warm massage oil as you relax comfortably on the pillows. It feels as if she is reaching inside of you somehow and your body begins involuntary movements. This is all about you now, as you close your eyes for a moment wanting this to last. She pulls away and blows gently on the oiled spots. You can hardly stand it as she continues to bring her body closer to you allowing parts of her body to brush against you. She is also aroused and desirous as you are, but with restraint you both allow the passion to rise while you explore new erogenous zones watching and listening for just the right reaction. It is evident that she wants to please you and you want to please her as well; it is not just a physical pleasure that you both seek, but a spiritual one as well.

You feed each other cooled berries dipped in your favorite alcohol and the juice runs down your skin and hers as well. Deep desire and emotions rise as never before...there is a newness, almost as if a different person is making love to you, while at the same time, you love the deep connection beyond the physical even now. You haven't wanted each other so much in a long while...and then the deepest passionate connection.

That's a sense of a passionate scene. What was happening internally? What makes you desire someone so much that all other thoughts disappear? Lust is not passion. So if you do not know your lover very well, and you are not in love with one another, sharing passion is not what you will experience. Being sexually stimulated by someone without love certainly happens all of the time. This discussion surrounds identifying with passion to the core of your being, that which some have described as champagne running through their veins. Passion does not necessarily create a sexual reaction, but it does elicit a fire in the heart, a yearning so unlike simple sex that you are blown away by the experience.

Next, what will make you more desirable? What will create the automatic wave of passionate desire for you in your partner?

In order to find your passion you must discover yourself and then understand and make discoveries about your partner. Passionate love making does not just call for intensity, it calls for love. An individual can be an artful lover, but not passionate. Zealousness does not always equate to passion. There is a chemistry that unites two lovers on levels that move beyond the physical. If love is definable, and I don't know if it is truly possible to define love with human words; than passion is definitely one of the components in that equation. We must desire someone so much that the core of our being is rocked by the site of them, by their touch, by their words, by the thought of them. One must be able to elicit a reaction at a distance for passion to exist. Fantasies definitely come into the picture of passion as imagery is powerful. So before you see your lover begin imaginging them. Imagine what it will feel like to hold them, to touch them, to kiss them, to be intimate. Make them part of your fantasy before it happens.

If your love life has gone stale and you want to change things dramatically take a look at the suggestions below:

1. Identify your own sexual thirst and pleasures. First each of you should write down everything you can think of that turns you on and that you find erotic. Think about any fantasies that you have had or anything sexual that you wanted to try or thought was interesting. Try to make as thorough a list as possible and get creative. If you don't have ideas rent some movies if need be.
2. Next write down what you think your partner most enjoys and be specific. Understanding your partner on all levels will help you create passionate love making. If you know your partner enjoys silk sheets, a warm bath, roses, a massage, walking on the beach, listening to Beethoven or Bach, dancing, hot movies, make these things part of the experience. Make changes as moods and interests change...be flexible.
3. Discuss your lists. Does he or she find the items erotic? Would he or she be interested in trying one or more? Sense their reactions on every level. Look into his or her eyes and determine if they are unable to say the words you need to hear. Talk about how you would try the items or if you or your partner wanted any variation or would need to negotiate any boundaries or limits of what would be tried. Through examining these lists, you may learn something new about your partner.
4. Decide which items you both find erotic and interesting. Have one partner plan a time for you to be together and sexual.Surprise each other and for heaven's sake be spontaneous occasionally. Lovemaking is quite boring when you have to schedule it into your day or night. Shower together...that can be really fun! Or take a whirlpool bath together; be sure to add fragrant candles for mood lighting, play beautiful music, and lay in one another's arms while you soak---let things happen.
5. It is not uncommon for couples to have different sexual desires. In fact that can make things even more fun! Passion includes enthusiasm for making each other's fantasies happen, as well as for making your own happen. Your partner will appreciate that you took an interest in something that he or she would like and it sends the signal that it is o.k. for you both to have different sexual tastes, that you are attentive to his or her needs as a sexual person, and that you receive pleasure from watching him or her get turned on. You may find over time that you not only enjoy giving your partner pleasure, but that you enjoy the activity as well. We often don't know what we might like unless we give it a try a few times. If you are willing to be more open to your partner's ideas, it is likely that he or she will be more open to your ideas as well.
6. Lovemaking should begin long before any sexual act. Perhaps walking hand-in-hand along a beautiful path, or window shopping; sitting at a ball game, watching birds in the park, going for a ride and touching each other playfully while driving (be careful); do whatever it is that brings you to the playful side of life, the tender moments.
7. Have you really explored each other on every level? Try playing a sexual game. Go to an adult shop and pick out something together.
8. Make life a party whenever possible. Celebrate each other beyond the bedroom. Pleasure one another in ways that do not include physical intimacy. Learn to bend so that you do not break apart.
9. Love what you do and do what you love more often. Stop juding your body or your partners. Love them from inside out. With age comes body changes and challenges. If you are truly in love with someone passion will remain high because you will move intimacy to "higher ground"; the mind and the spirit.
10. Upgrade your look from head to toe every six months. Keep things fresh and exciting. Make the space where you spend most of your lovemaking time the most glorious space possible. Make it sexy for both of you.

Creating passion is about being creative and experimenting in ways that feel comfortable, pleasurable, and exciting. Sexual expression in our relationships is about sharing love and having fun. So have fun, and allow the passion within you to create moments that are extraordinary! Once you create the moments, a lifetime of passionate love will be yours if you continue to be attentive to your needs and your lover's as well.

Keep things hot!

Friday, September 10, 2010

3 Tips For Reigniting the Spark in Your Love Relationship Or Marriage

A comic wryly jokes about the pitfalls of being in a long-term relationship. He observes that the "adorable and still in love" elderly couple seen walking closely arm-in-arm in the park are actually merely leaning on one another so that they don't fall down.

According to this comic, there is no such thing as passion in a relationship once you've been together for years and years-- your body starts to go and you literally need one another just to get around.

This comedian's jokes got laughs from his audience, but we simply do not agree.

When the spark goes out in your love relationship or marriage, it is no laughing matter.

When the spark goes out in your love relationship or marriage, it's not inevitable either.

Julia looks with envy at her married friends. She has had several serious relationships, but none of them have been serious enough to take that step to get married.

Sometimes it's the guy who seems unable to take their commitment to a deeper level. And sometimes it's Julia who becomes bored or dissatisfied with her partner. She ends up breaking it off because she can't envision herself spending the rest of her life with this man.

Still, Julia hopes that one day she will find the right guy and get married. She'd like to be in a long-term relationship that is filled with passion and stays that way. But she's also a realist. She knows that isn't what normally happens.

You might already be married or in a committed relationship. You might feel a lack of romance or passion with your partner but, just like Julia and the comic above, you believe that it's natural and even unavoidable.

We're here to help you question that belief. We're here to tell you that you don't have to settle for a spark-less relationship.

The excitement that you crave with your partner can be re-ignited, sustained and even expanded upon.

Here are 3 tips to get you started....

#1) Create an expectation that you and your mate will be connected and passionate as long as you are together.

Many people carry around the expectation that there is a "honeymoon" phase in every relationship (even those that don't involve marriage) and, after that, it's all downhill. You and your partner settle into sharing life together and there simply isn't time or energy for passion.

If you look around, you might very well find that others in long-term relationships seem to go through this type of trajectory. As the couple gets to know one another, it's all cards, flowers and romance. After a time, however, the flame dwindles and sometimes even dies out.

Part of the problem here is that people expect that after a certain number of years or after a particular age, you cannot share sensuality, red hot love or an enlivening closeness with one another-- it seems nearly impossible.

If you hold such beliefs and expectations, we recommend that you think again. Ask yourself this: Is it true that every single couple who has ever been together has lost their spark at a certain point in their relationship?

If you put the question in that way, you'll undoubtedly determine that you can't know this with any certainty.

The truth is, there are scores of couples all across the globe who do enjoy that kind of passion. You might even know people who have created such a relationship.

And we'd bet that none of those couples hold an expectation that it is "natural" for the spark to go out.

The great news is this: You can change your expectations. It requires you become aware of the way you tend to think and believe. It also requires you to introduce new thoughts and beliefs into your consciousness.

#2) Find your inner spark and keep feeding your spirit.
Julia has begun to shift her expectations about passion in love relationships and especially marriages. She's even found a few role model couples that have given her hope that excitement can stay alive in long-term relationships.

While Julia is currently single, she is finding ways to keep her own inner spark flourishing. She's starting to realize that it's not the responsibility of her future partner to keep her sense of spirit and spark strong-- that's her job-- regardless of her relationship status.

Don't focus on all of the ways that your partner seemingly fails to ignite a spark in your relationship. Instead, take responsibility for figuring out what helps your heart sing and what makes you feel grateful to be alive, walking around as the person you are.

When two people who are tending and feeding their own inner sparks come together in relationship, the passion will grow even bigger!

Your spirit might feel nourished and fed as you engage in a hobby, volunteer activity or other activity. It might not be an activity, but a new way of thinking and caring for yourself that helps you to feel more alive.

Whatever works for you, find it and keep on doing it!

#3) Share that sense of passion with your mate.
Don't worry that your partner will feel threatened as you take a pottery class, write poetry or even go off to play a round of golf.

You can set an example for him or her by making yourself responsible for keeping your inner spark alive. You will also most likely come to interactions with our mate feeling more satisfied, open and relaxed.

But don't cut out your mate either.

Find ways to share the sense of passion that you feel when you do whatever it is that you do that helps to nourish your spirit.

Even if your partner has no interest in the pottery, the poetry or the golf, he or she can still join in with you. Perhaps your excitement about what you do is similar to his or her excitement about another activity.

Stay open and focus mainly on how much more alive you each feel when you're tending to your own inner sparks. Honor one another and look for places where your possibly different interests overlap and come together.

Celebrate this and allow connection as both of your passionate feelings converge.

You're never too old and it's never too late to re-ignite the spark. Do it for your relationship and do it for yourself.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Passionate Love Making Tips

Passionate Love Making Tip #1: Surprise your significant other. If your wife is cooking breakfast
one morning, come up behind her and slowly begin nibbling her earlobe. This sudden, unexpected affection can make your loving making experience as wonderful as ever. Women can do this too. If your husband is watching a sports event on TV, sit down beside him and begin rubbing his thigh slowly. He will quickly forget that it is second and three to go, and will turn his attention towards you.

Passionate Love Making Tip #2: Set the mood. Lighting scented candles around your bedroom can be a very easy way of setting the mood. Also, put on some passionate love music. Make a mix CD with you and your lovers favorite love tracks and play it on a loop. You don’t want to interrupt what you’re doing to go and change the disk. Bring in a bottle of champagne with two slim glasses. You can also bring fruit into the bedroom to help arouse partners. Apples and bananas typically don’t work. Try a bowl of cherries or chocolate covered strawberries. If you don’t have fruit on hand, try just plain chocolate, nature’s aphrodisiac.

Passionate Love Making Tip #3: Appreciate each other. You cannot have passionate sex with anyone that you cannot stand the sight of. Compliment your partner on a daily basis for little things. Men should tell women that they like their new hairstyle or pair of shoes. Women should tell men that they look good or that they have lost a few pounds off that fat tire. After all, who would want to sleep with someone if they are not sure if their partner is attracted to them?

Passionate Love Making Tip #4: Know when to have sex. As stated earlier, unexpected sex can be great but how do you jazz up guaranteed sex? Birthdays, anniversaries, promotions, or even make up sex after a fight can be great love making experience. Some people decide to put of that set of intercourse for another day because of many reasons. Do not do that. If it’s your birthday, have sex that day. Don’t put it off. In fact, putting off a love making session only puts off pleasure.

Passionate love making can be achieved in these four easy steps. If these tips do not help you have more passionate love making, try something of your own. Don’t be afraid to ask around to family, friends and neighbors. They can be more helpful than you would think.